Ultimate Guide on Vietnam Souvenirs – What to Bring Back from Your Vacation

Vietnam is a land of rich culture, vibrant traditions, and breathtaking landscapes. For travelers, the journey through this beautiful country is filled with unforgettable experiences. One way to cherish these memories is by bringing home unique Vietnam souvenirs. These souvenirs are more than just keepsakes; they are a piece of the country’s soul, representing its history, artistry, and culinary delights.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore some of the best Vietnam souvenirs that you can find. Each item has been carefully selected to ensure that it not only reflects the country’s rich heritage but also provides a meaningful memento of your travels. So, whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a first-time visitor, let us help you discover the perfect souvenirs to take home from your Vietnamese adventure.

Vietnam souvenirs – A piece of your beautiful memory from the unforgettable expedition

From bustling markets in Hanoi to quaint shops in Hoi An, and from the vibrant streets of Ho Chi Minh City to the serene villages in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam offers an array of souvenirs that cater to every taste. Whether you’re looking for traditional handicrafts, exquisite textiles, flavorful teas, or artisanal jewelry, the options are endless.

Follow us as we guide you through some of the best options of Vietnam souvenirs to bring home not only for friends and family but also for yourself, as a piece of the beautiful memory.

Traditional Handicrafts


Lacquerware is one of the most distinctive and beautiful Vietnam souvenirs you can buy. The art of lacquerware dates back centuries and involves a meticulous process of coating objects with lacquer made from tree sap. These items are then polished to a high sheen and often decorated with intricate designs. From vases and bowls to trays and jewelry boxes, lacquerware makes a stunning and practical souvenir. You can find high-quality lacquerware in shops across Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

Conical Hats (Non La)

Hue Conical Hat village
Hue Conical Hat village

The iconic conical hat, or non la, is a symbol of Vietnamese culture and a must-have souvenir. These hats are handmade from palm leaves and bamboo, and are not only stylish but also practical, offering protection from the sun and rain. You can purchase non la at markets throughout Vietnam, but for a truly authentic experience, visit a village where these hats are made and watch the artisans at work.

Textiles and Fashion

Ao Dai

Ao Dai is Vietnam’s traditional dress, worn by women on special occasions and by schoolgirls as uniforms. This elegant, fitted tunic is typically made from silk and worn over trousers. Buying an Ao Dai is a fantastic way to bring a piece of Vietnamese culture home. Tailors in Hoi An are renowned for their ability to create beautiful, custom Ao Dai that fit perfectly.

Silk Products

Vietnam is famous for its high-quality silk, which has been produced for centuries. From silk scarves and ties to dresses and sleepwear, silk products make luxurious Vietnam souvenirs. The ancient town of Hoi An and the villages around Hanoi, like Van Phuc, are great places to buy silk. You can also visit silk farms to see how silk is made, adding a deeper connection to your purchase.

Art and Decor

Water Puppets

Ha Noi Water Puppet Theater
Ha Noi Water Puppet Theater

Water puppetry is a traditional Vietnamese art form that originated in the Red River Delta. The colorful wooden puppets, used in performances that depict local folklore and historical tales, make unique and charming souvenirs. You can purchase miniature versions of these puppets in Hanoi, where the tradition is most vibrant, and even catch a live performance at the Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre.

Paintings and Propaganda Posters

Vietnamese art is diverse and vibrant, with many contemporary and traditional artists creating stunning works. Galleries in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City offer paintings that range from modern abstracts to traditional landscapes. Additionally, vintage propaganda posters from the Vietnam War era are popular souvenirs, capturing a piece of the country’s history and offering a unique perspective on its past.

Culinary Delights


Vietnam is one of the world’s largest coffee producers, and its coffee is renowned for its unique flavor. Vietnamese coffee, often brewed with a drip filter and served with sweetened condensed milk, makes a perfect souvenir for coffee lovers. Buy some Trung Nguyen or Highlands Coffee to bring a taste of Vietnam home. Don’t forget to pick up a traditional Vietnamese coffee filter (phin) to complete the experience.


Tea is another staple of Vietnamese culture, with a variety of flavors that reflect the country’s rich agricultural heritage. Green tea, jasmine tea, and lotus tea are among the most popular varieties. High-quality tea can be found in markets and specialty shops throughout Vietnam, making it a delightful and aromatic souvenir.

Jewelry and Accessories


Vietnam’s coastal regions, particularly Ha Long Bay and Phu Quoc Island, are known for their pearl farms. Vietnamese pearls are prized for their quality and beauty. Pearl necklaces, earrings, and bracelets make elegant Vietnam souvenirs. Visiting a pearl farm allows you to see the cultivation process and ensures you are buying authentic, high-quality pearls.

Handmade Jewelry

Artisans in Vietnam create stunning jewelry using local materials such as buffalo horn, silver, and gemstones. These pieces often feature traditional designs and motifs, making them unique and meaningful souvenirs. Markets and boutique shops in cities like Hanoi, Hoi An, and Ho Chi Minh City offer a wide range of handmade jewelry.

Traditional Medicine and Health Products

Herbal Remedies

Vietnamese traditional medicine has a long history, and herbal remedies are widely used for their healing properties. You can find a variety of herbal products, including teas, balms, and oils, in markets and specialty shops. These products make thoughtful and health-conscious souvenirs.

Spa Products

Vietnam is also known for its high-quality spa products, including essential oils, bath salts, and natural skincare items. These products, often made from local ingredients, provide a touch of Vietnamese luxury that you can enjoy long after your trip.

Unique Finds

Wooden Puzzles and Games

Traditional wooden puzzles and games are fun and educational Vietnam souvenirs. These handcrafted items, such as the bamboo jigsaw puzzle or the intricate tangram sets, showcase the skill and creativity of Vietnamese artisans. They make great gifts for children and adults alike.

Ceramic Goods

Vietnamese ceramics are renowned for their quality and beauty. Villages like Bat Trang, near Hanoi, have been producing ceramics for centuries. From delicate tea sets to robust vases, ceramic goods are a timeless and practical souvenir. Visiting a ceramic village allows you to see the artisans at work and choose pieces that reflect Vietnam’s artistic heritage.

Markets and Shopping Tips – Where to get your Vietnam souvenirs 

Bargaining Tips

Bargaining is an integral part of the shopping experience in Vietnam, particularly in markets. It is expected and even considered a cultural norm. When shopping for Vietnam souvenirs, embracing the art of negotiation can lead to better deals and a more authentic experience. Begin the process by offering about half of the initial asking price. This sets the stage for negotiation, with the understanding that both parties will make concessions to reach a mutually agreeable price.

It’s important to approach bargaining with a friendly and respectful attitude. Smiling, being polite, and showing genuine interest in the items can make the process smoother and more enjoyable. Avoid being too aggressive or confrontational, as this can be off-putting to the seller. Instead, think of it as a friendly game, and keep the mood light-hearted.

Another tip is to do some research beforehand to get an idea of the typical prices for the items you’re interested in. This knowledge can give you confidence during negotiations. Additionally, shopping at less touristy markets can often result in better prices and a more authentic bargaining experience.

Remember, the goal is to reach a fair price that both you and the seller are happy with, making the exchange a positive experience for everyone involved.

Where to Shop

Vietnam offers diverse shopping experiences, from vibrant markets to elegant boutiques. Here are some top places to find the best Vietnam souvenirs:

  • Hanoi: Explore Dong Xuan Market, the largest market in Hanoi, for a variety of goods ranging from textiles to electronics. Visit Hang Gai Street, also known as Silk Street, for high-quality silk products and custom tailoring. The Old Quarter, with its maze of narrow streets, is perfect for finding unique handicrafts, traditional toys, and delicious street food.
  • Hoi An: The Central Market is a bustling hub where you can buy fresh produce, spices, and local delicacies. The Night Market, open from 5 PM, offers a wide range of souvenirs, including lanterns, jewelry, and clothing. Hoi An is famous for its tailor shops, where you can get custom-made clothing at reasonable prices.
  • Hue: Dong Ba Market is known for its traditional Vietnamese goods, including conical hats, local foods, and handicrafts. The shops around the Imperial City offer unique items that reflect Hue’s rich cultural heritage.
  • Ho Chi Minh City: Ben Thanh Market is an iconic spot for souvenirs such as coffee, textiles, and local handicrafts. Saigon Square offers a mix of fashion items, accessories, and electronics. Dong Khoi Street is lined with upscale boutiques and art galleries, perfect for high-end shopping.

Final Thoughts

Bringing home Vietnam souvenirs is a wonderful way to keep the memories of your trip alive. Each item carries with it a piece of the country’s rich history, culture, and artistry. From traditional handicrafts and exquisite textiles to unique jewelry and flavorful teas, the range of souvenirs available ensures that there is something for everyone.

As you explore the vibrant markets and quaint shops, remember that each purchase supports local artisans and contributes to the preservation of Vietnam’s cultural heritage. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or looking for gifts for friends and family, these souvenirs will serve as cherished reminders of your Vietnamese adventure.

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