Vietnam holiday packages including flights – Viland Travel’s tour service breakdown

Dive into a world of seamless travel planning with Viland Travel’s Vietnam holiday packages including flights. We meticulously craft packages that not only encapsulate the essence of Vietnam’s beauty but also ensure a stress-free experience. 

Wondering what is included and excluded in our package for better understanding your planning process? Our packages are your all-in-one solution, detailing the services included and excluded for a transparent travel experience. Read on and find out all you need to know about Viland Travel customized tour packages.

All you need to know to plan for your Vietnam holiday packages including flights with Viland Travel

Uncover the lively boulevards of Hanoi, the breathtaking panoramas of Ha Long Bay, and the rich cultural mosaic of Hoi An—all seamlessly connected with the convenience of inclusive flights. Our Vietnam packages offer a comprehensive solution, outlining the inclusions and exclusions for a transparent and worry-free travel experience. 

Viland Travel’s tour packages offer a comprehensive array of included services to ensure a seamless and enriching travel experience. If you are looking into Vietnam holiday packages including flights of Viland Travel and want to know what we have in store, let us walk through our complete guide of what is included and excluded from our tour packages. 

1. Service included:


Ho Chi Minh city Park Hyatt Saigon Hotel
Ho Chi Minh city Park Hyatt Saigon Hotel

Experience comfort like never before with Viland Travel’s tour packages, which include accommodation in shared twin or shared double rooms. Revel in the joy of a peaceful retreat, ensuring your stay is both relaxing and rejuvenating. Our carefully selected accommodations promise a comfortable haven, allowing you to unwind and recharge for the next day’s adventures. Enjoy the convenience of thoughtfully arranged lodgings, where every detail is considered to enhance your overall travel experience.


Vietnamese food, spring roll or cha gio, a delicious fried food with cylinder shape, eat with bun, salad and fish sauce, this also rich calories, cholesterol, fatty food, popular Vietnam eating

Indulge in a culinary journey with Viland Travel’s tour packages, where included services ensure delightful meals as specified in the itinerary. Experience the essence of each destination through its local flavors, as we believe that tasting the culinary delights is an integral part of cultural exploration. Savor a variety of dishes that reflect the unique gastronomic traditions, enhancing your travel experience with a blend of diverse and authentic cuisines.

Guided Exploration

Guided Tour

Embark on a guided exploration with Viland Travel, where our tour packages include the invaluable service of an English or French-speaking guide. These knowledgeable guides are your companions, providing insights, historical context, and local expertise, enhancing every step of your journey. For those desiring guides in other languages or a national guide, our flexible options cater to diverse preferences, ensuring a tailored and enriched travel experience, albeit with a supplemental fee. Let Viland Travel’s guided tours elevate your adventure, making each destination a story to be vividly told.

Private Transportation

Private transportation

Experience utmost convenience with Viland Travel’s tour packages, where private transportation takes your journey to the next level. Enjoy the comfort of exclusive air-conditioned vehicles, ensuring a seamless and private travel experience for all tours and transfers outlined in the itinerary. Let us elevate your exploration with personalized and efficient transportation solutions, making every moment of your adventure comfortable and enjoyable.

Domestic Flights

Aeroplane/Credit: onlyyouqj/freepick
Aeroplane/Credit: onlyyouqj/freepick

Experience seamless travel with Viland Travel’s tour packages, which include domestic flights within Vietnam. Revel in the convenience of efficient travel, optimizing your time and enhancing connectivity between captivating destinations. Our commitment is to elevate your journey by providing thoughtful inclusions that make your exploration both comfortable and unforgettable.

Entrance Fees

Viland Travel’s tour packages prioritize your experience by including entrance fees to major attractions. This thoughtful service ensures seamless access, allowing you to fully engage with the cultural and historical marvels at every destination. Enjoy the journey without worry, as we take care of the details to make your exploration as enriching and hassle-free as possible.


Viland Travel’s tour packages prioritize your comfort with inclusive services. Enjoy complimentary refreshments, including drinking water, to keep you hydrated during your tours. We understand the importance of ensuring your well-being while you immerse yourself in unforgettable explorations.

Taxes and Service Fees

Experience worry-free travel with Viland Travel’s tour packages, where we cover all applicable taxes and service fees. Rest assured, your journey is crafted for seamless enjoyment, leaving no room for hidden costs.

2. Service excluded

Vietnam Visa

E-visa Vietnam Application
E-visa Vietnam Application

Viland Travel’s tour packages prioritize your convenience, encompassing a plethora of services to enhance your journey. While many services are included, such as guided tours and accommodations, the Vietnam visa stands as an exception. However, worry not, as we extend our support to guide you through the visa application process, ensuring a seamless acquisition of your travel documents. Your comfort and ease of travel are paramount to us, and we are committed to providing a comprehensive and hassle-free experience throughout your adventure with Viland Travel.

Other Non-Mentioned Meals

Indulge in the gastronomic pleasures covered by Viland Travel’s tour packages, but for those impromptu cravings, meals not explicitly mentioned in the itinerary are excluded. Take the opportunity to venture into local eateries, discovering diverse cuisines at your own pace.

Other Non-Mentioned Services

Viland Travel’s tour packages ensure a holistic travel experience, covering an extensive range of services. However, any supplementary services not explicitly specified in the package details are left to your discretion and can be arranged based on your individual preferences. We prioritize transparency and flexibility, allowing you to tailor your journey according to your unique desires beyond the predefined offerings.

Laundry, Telephone Calls, and Personal Expenditures

Explore the freedom of personalization with Viland Travel’s tour packages, where exclusions like laundry, telephone calls, and personal expenditures empower you to tailor your journey. Manage these aspects independently, allowing you the flexibility to craft your travel experience according to your preferences and needs. Revel in the autonomy to control the finer details of your trip, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your individual travel style.

Tips, Travel Insurance

Viland Travel’s tour packages prioritize flexibility and personalization by excluding gratuities and travel insurance. These aspects are intentionally left to your discretion, enabling you to craft your journey according to your individual preferences. We believe in empowering our travelers with choices, ensuring that every aspect of your experience aligns seamlessly with your desires.

International flight ticket

Embark on an extraordinary journey with Viland Travel’s Vietnam holiday packages with flights. As an esteemed partner of Vietnam’s national airline, Vietnam Airlines, our packages not only provide the reliability of a trusted travel companion but also the excellence of a carrier affiliated with the prestigious Star Alliance.

Being a Star Alliance member, Vietnam Airlines ensures unparalleled service, global connectivity, and an unwavering commitment to quality. Experience the pinnacle of travel with Viland Travel and Vietnam Airlines, where seamless journeys and world-class service come together for an unforgettable exploration.

For the latest rates, feel free to reach out to us directly for personalized consultations, ensuring you access the best flights and routes that align with your budget and specific requirements.

Final thoughts

Embark on a seamless and captivating journey with Viland Travel’s Vietnam holiday packages  including flights. Our meticulously crafted tours redefine the art of travel, weaving together cultural exploration and unparalleled landscapes. 

In our blog post, we delve into the intricacies of our offerings. Our packages not only include the convenience of flights but also a thoughtful array of services that cater to your every need. From cultural immersion to breathtaking adventures, Viland Travel ensures a holistic experience. Join us as we redefine travel, making your Vietnam holiday an enchanting tale. Explore the extraordinary with Viland Travel’s customized tours, and let every moment be a celebration of discovery. 

Book your journey now and let Viland Travel be your gateway to Vietnam’s wonders.