Unique things to do in Vietnam only seasonal travelers would know

Vietnam, a treasure trove in Southeast Asia celebrated for its diverse landscapes, cultural richness, and delectable cuisine, consistently unfolds a tapestry of fresh and exhilarating experiences, catering to both newcomers and seasoned adventurers. This comprehensive guide unveils the top unique things to do in Vietnam, revealing hidden gems reserved for those well-versed in the intricacies of this captivating country. Prepare to be entranced, motivated, and profoundly impacted as you set forth on a one-of-a-kind adventure in the enchanting realm of Vietnam.

This guide transcends the ordinary, presenting activities and discoveries that go beyond the typical tourist trail, offering insights into the lesser-known facets of the country. Let this guide be your compass as you unravel the secrets of Vietnam, turning your journey into an unforgettable exploration of its hidden wonders.

10 unique things to do in Vietnam – your list of hidden gems to explore on your upcoming trip

Vietnam is a sensory adventure; whether you’re dodging motorbikes on bustling streets, trekking through jungles wary of cobras, or immersing in the enticing aromas of morning street food. While it may not be the conventional choice for extreme sports and daring activities, Vietnam thrives on thrills and excitement. The beauty lies in its ability to offer experiences that are unparalleled – from unseen sights to unheard-of dishes and unprecedented adventures.

We’ve compiled a list of the quirkiest and most unique things to do in Vietnam. Here are 10 to ignite your curiosity and kickstart your journey into the extraordinary!

Avoid being flattened on Hanoi’s Train Street

Ha Noi train street
Ha Noi train street

Experience the heart-stopping thrill of Hanoi’s Train Street, a unique spectacle that unfolds twice daily in the city’s old quarter. As a colossal freight train barrels down a narrow residential street, it navigates through the bustling community with mere inches to spare on either side. The locals, seemingly unfazed by the proximity of the massive train, deftly pull their bikes close and nonchalantly seek refuge in doorways and nearby houses for the brief moments the train passes.

For onlookers, it’s a mesmerizing sight as life resumes immediately afterward – stalls are unpacked, locals continue their daily routes along the tracks, and normalcy returns until the next train rattles through. This surreal and slightly precarious scene has etched ‘Train Street’ onto the map, drawing attention from both locals and travelers alike. Cafes and bars have sprouted along the tracks, inviting visitors to witness this captivating spectacle and, undoubtedly, capture a few selfies amidst the exhilarating madness of Hanoi’s Train Street.

Trying out Vietnam’s one-and-only egg coffee

Hanoi egg coffee
Hanoi egg coffee

Visiting a local coffee shop to savor the one-and-only Ca phe trung, or Egg Coffee – a Hanoi delicacy that stands out as a must-try gem in the city’s vibrant food scene is a must with any food lover. Your initial encounter with this delectable creation will mark an unforgettable experience, making it an essential delight for any traveler exploring Hanoi.

Found in charming local establishments with low-level tables, the act of indulging in Egg Coffee transcends the beverage itself; it becomes a cultural immersion. Joining Vietnamese locals in the simple pleasure of coffee and conversation adds a layer of authenticity to this delightful experience.

Egg Coffee is a captivating fusion of coffee and dessert, blending the joy of both worlds within a single cup. The frothy, velvety egg layer crowning the coffee adds a creamy and unique dimension, balancing the sweetness with the robust flavor of Vietnamese coffee. Whether stirred for a harmonious blend or enjoyed layer by layer, the result is an extraordinary taste – thick, sweet, and robust – a delightful surprise for the palate. This culinary gem, with its rustic charm and indulgent richness, makes Egg Coffee an absolute haven for coffee enthusiasts in Hanoi.

Explore the length of the country on a motorbike

Mai Chau Riding Bike

Embark on a thrilling adventure through the heart of Vietnam by exploring the length of the country on a motorbike. In a nation where motorcycles dominate the streets, immersing yourself in the vibrant culture on two wheels is an exhilarating way to experience the diverse landscapes and authentic charm of Vietnam. From bustling cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to the serene countryside, a motorbike journey offers the freedom to flit between villages, traverse winding mountain roads in Ha Giang, and conquer the iconic Hai Van Pass with its breathtaking vistas.

Discover the hidden gems of Vietnam, stopping at quaint villages and secluded beaches along the way. While motorcycles are easily accessible and budget-friendly in major cities, it’s crucial to prioritize safety. Ensure your bike undergoes a thorough check by an independent mechanic, and adopt a defensive driving approach as accident rates are relatively high. This daring escapade promises not only an adrenaline-pumping experience but also an intimate connection with the beauty and diversity that define Vietnam’s landscapes and culture.

Admire the unique wall architecture in Lo Lo Chai Village, Ha Giang

Nestled at the foothills of Rong Mountain, approximately 1km from the Lung Cu Flagpole, Lo Lo Chai Village has been a cherished home for both the Mong and Lo Lo ethnic communities for generations. In stark contrast to contemporary skyscrapers and bustling commercial districts, this village serves as a cultural sanctuary on the enchanting Dong Van Karst Plateau. Revered as a fairy-tale realm, Lo Lo Chai Village beckons with idyllic houses exuding a timeless charm reminiscent of childhood stories. A respite from urban hustle, this village is a must-include destination in your travel guide.

Beyond its picturesque facade, Lo Lo Chai Village stands as a repository of cultural, material, and spiritual values intrinsic to the highland ethnic groups. A leisurely stroll unveils the distinctive wall architecture typical of the Ha Giang rocky plateau, with houses adorned in closely arranged tiled roofs, crafting a tranquil and scenic ambiance. Preserving traditional crafts like woodworking and embroidery, the village pulsates with vibrant festivals such as Forest God Worship, harvest celebrations, and housewarming ceremonies. Visitors can don ethnic costumes, immersing in the vivid attire symbolizing the dedication of Lo Lo women. The village also offers an opportunity to engage with ethnic musical instruments, from drums to horns, and explore ancient bronze drums—an exclusive facet, making Lo Lo Chai a singular place where these ancient artifacts persist in daily life.

Get a custom-made clothes at a skilled local tailor in Hoi An

Indulging in the art of custom-made clothing in Hoi An is an essential experience for fashion enthusiasts visiting this charming town. Renowned for its skilled tailors dotting every street corner, Hoi An beckons with the promise of bespoke fashion that transcends ordinary retail experiences. Adding this activity to your Hoi An checklist is a must.

The process itself is a delightful journey of self-expression. From selecting the color palette to choosing the style and fabric, every detail is curated to align seamlessly with your unique taste. The fitting experience, often with a 24-hour turnaround, allows for exploration and refinement of your choices. As you stroll through the city, witnessing various tailors showcasing diverse fabrics and techniques, it becomes a personalized exploration leading to the perfect fit.

Negotiating the initial price quotes is part of the adventure, encouraging a collaborative effort to strike a balance between quality and cost for your bespoke piece. In Hoi An, the creation of custom-made clothing transcends transactional aspects, evolving into a memorable and interactive expression of your individual style.

The Superman experience – Flyboard in Nha Trang

Delve in the exhilarating Superman experience with Flyboarding in Nha Trang, Vietnam, an adventure that takes aquatic thrills to new heights. Picture yourself propelled by jet boots, harnessing the power of high-pressure water pumped through a substantial hose. The sheer force of the jets allows you to effortlessly soar up to 6 meters (20 feet) above the water’s surface or zoom through the waves with incredible speed. For the daring, acrobatic stunts add an extra layer of excitement to this aquatic escapade.

Flyboard Nha Trang provides this electrifying sport to beginners, creating an unforgettable experience against the backdrop of the serene sea off the main resort beach. Beyond flyboarding, the adventure continues with jet-ski tours exploring nearby coral islands and traditional boat trips for snorkeling enthusiasts. Whether you’re seeking an adrenaline rush or a unique way to explore Vietnam’s coastal beauty, the Flyboarding experience in Nha Trang promises an extraordinary aquatic adventure, combining the thrill of flight with the allure of the sea.

Go canyoning in Da Lat

The steep gorges, rushing rivers, and plunging waterfalls create an ideal setting for an adrenaline-pumping experience. Da Lat Canyoning Tours promises a complete immersion in the sport, offering difficulty levels graded from easy to moderate. On a day trip, participants can expect water abseiling, ziplining through the treetops into icy pools, sliding down rocks, and refreshing swims in the pristine rivers. The rugged terrain demands rough clothing and sturdy shoes, ensuring participants are prepared for a wet and wild escapade. Da Lat’s captivating landscapes provide a picturesque backdrop to this canyoning experience, enhancing the thrill with natural beauty.

For families seeking a memorable outing, consider a picnic amidst the park’s enchanting surroundings. This not only adds a touch of tranquility to the adventure but also creates cherished moments surrounded by the captivating allure of Da Lat. The combination of thrilling activities and the natural wonders of Vietnam’s mountainous landscapes ensures an unforgettable canyoning experience in Da Lat.

Ride a ATV over white dunes in Mui Ne

Embark on a thrilling adventure in Mui Ne, Vietnam, as you ride a ATV four-wheeler over the captivating white dunes, an unexpected gem nestled between a fishing village and lush forests. In a country as diverse as Vietnam, the presence of these massive dunes might seem peculiar, yet they stand as a mesmerizing spectacle. For the typical traveler, a leisurely hike around the dunes yields picturesque moments, while the more daring might opt for an adrenaline rush, racing down the slopes akin to sliding down a snowy hill in winter.

However, for the ultimate exhilaration, immerse yourself in the heart-pounding experience of renting a four-wheeler and tearing through the pristine white dunes. The contrast of the white sands against the vibrant landscape creates a surreal setting, offering a unique and unforgettable ride. This activity not only provides an adrenaline-pumping escapade but also unveils the unexpected wonders that Vietnam, with its diverse terrain, has in store for those seeking adventure beyond the ordinary.

Eat scorpions at a roadside market in the Mekong Delta

Experience an adventurous culinary journey in the Mekong Delta, particularly at the roadside markets near Bay Nui, unveils a unique gastronomic experience – consuming scorpions. As you navigate the back roads, snack stalls brim with an exotic assortment of water bugs, tarantulas, crickets, and notably, large black scorpions. These delicacies are sourced from the nearby mountains and transformed into tantalizing treats through various culinary techniques.

The preparation involves toasting with salt, skewer grilling, or stir-frying with lemongrass and chili, showcasing the ingenuity of local culinary traditions. What is the flavor profile, you might wonder? A crispy and somewhat bland exterior gives way to a gooey center that carries a distinctive taste reminiscent of a fondant composed of fish and singed hair.

Indulging in this unique street food experience is not just a culinary exploration but a cultural immersion, offering a glimpse into the adventurous and diverse palate of Vietnam. It’s an opportunity to transcend culinary boundaries and savor the extraordinary amidst the vibrant markets of the Mekong Delta.

Enjoy a cup of Hue Royal Tea

Tea culture in Hue

Dating back to the illustrious Nguyen Dynasty in Vietnam, Hue Royal Tea, also known as Imperial Tea, boasts a captivating history. Reserved exclusively for the imperial and noble families during that era, this tea holds an aura of prestige. Sourced from the finest regional gardens, the tea leaves underwent meticulous processing using traditional methods, resulting in a distinctive fragrance and flavor. Following the downfall of the Nguyen Dynasty, the age-old tea-making techniques were entrusted to local villagers, who continue the legacy to this day. Hue Royal Tea not only tantalizes the taste buds but also serves as a vital cultural heritage of Vietnam.

For travelers exploring Hue, the city’s cultural allure finds embodiment in the essence of Hue Royal Tea. Weaving through thousands of years of Vietnamese history, the royal tea becomes a symbol of this rich heritage. Sipping on a cup of this precious tea is not merely a sensory delight but a participation in the cultural narrative of the locals. Often remarked by visitors, bringing home a pack of Hue Royal Tea is akin to carrying a piece of the country’s soul with you.

Final thoughts

In a realm where ancient history harmonizes with breathtaking natural wonders, the exploration of distinctive destinations in Vietnam promises an indelible adventure. This diverse country unfolds as a once-in-a-lifetime encounter, transcending the realms of conventional travel. Our compilation of Vietnam’s extraordinary gems and unique things to do in Vietnam offers but a glimpse into the extraordinary moments that await you. Vietnam’s unparalleled culture, cuisine, and landscapes captivate the senses, crafting enduring memories.

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