What to expect when travelling Vietnam in January?

Venturing into a January expedition, particularly in a country as multifaceted as Vietnam, promises a distinctive and enriching odyssey. Whether your pursuit is thrilling adventures with friends or cherished family moments during the extended holiday period, Vietnam in January caters to all preferences. With its enthralling natural beauty and diverse cultural experiences, there’s something for every kind of traveler.

Now, what’s in store for your Vietnam journey in January? Where should you explore? Look no further than this comprehensive guide for all the answers. It unveils the top destinations, weather insights, cultural immersions, and more, ensuring your January escapade in Vietnam is unforgettable. Whether you’re drawn to vibrant urban centers, tranquil coastal retreats, or lush mountain escapes, Vietnam stands ready to provide your perfect January getaway.

Vietnam weather in January – What to expect?

Vietnam weather in January varies across regions, here are some of the remarks you need to know:

  • North Vietnam: In January, the northern regions, including the Northwest, Northeast, and the Red River Delta, are quite cold. This month is the peak of the dry season, offering plenty of sunshine and clear blue skies. However, Hanoi and surrounding areas can be chilly, with an average temperature of 62°F (17°C) and sometimes foggy conditions, especially at night. Temperatures can drop below 59°F (15°C). In mountainous areas like Sapa and Ha Giang, it gets even colder, and ice can be seen. Halong Bay might be hazy, making it less ideal for photography. Visitors should pack warm clothing and rainproof gear for the damp and foggy weather.

  • Central Vietnam: Central Vietnam in January experiences a range of weather conditions due to its geographical diversity. North of the Hai Van Pass, which lies between Hue and Da Nang, has weather similar to the north, being cold and occasionally drizzly. South of Hai Van Pass, the weather is different. Beach resorts along the central coast enjoy plenty of sunshine with temperatures fluctuating between 68°F (20°C) and 86°F (30°C), and there is less rainfall. The Central Highlands are cool and slightly chilly, especially in the early morning and at night.
  • South Vietnam: The south of Vietnam, including Ho Chi Minh City and the Mekong River Delta, experiences favorable weather in January. The region enjoys clear blue skies with minimal rainfall. In Ho Chi Minh City, the daytime is hot, while the evenings are cooler with low humidity and a daily average temperature of 79°F (26°C). Nearby beaches like Ho Tram, Long Hai, Phan Thiet, and Mui Ne are bathed in sunshine. The southern islands of Con Dao and Phu Quoc also share this pleasant weather.

Things to keep in mind while planning for your trip in Vietnam in January

Vietnam in January is a great time to visit not only because of the cool and dry, comfortable climate but also because of it’s vibrant local activities. Here’s a list of things to keep in mind while planning your trip to Vietnam in January:

  1. Peak Tourist Season: January marks the high tourist season in Vietnam, especially in the Mekong Delta and southern destinations like Phu Quoc. Even the capital city, Hanoi, sees an influx of visitors. However, the northern mountainous regions such as Sapa, Ha Giang, and Halong Bay remain less crowded during this time. For a quieter experience, consider exploring these far-from-center northern areas.
  2. Lunar New Year (Tet): The Lunar New Year, known as Tet, is Vietnam’s most significant festival and falls between late January and mid-February (dates vary yearly). During Tet, which typically lasts about a week, many Vietnamese travel to their hometowns to celebrate with family. This period is one of the busiest for both local and foreign travelers. Several tourist sites, government offices, shops, markets, and public transportation reduce their operations during the 6-7 days of Tet celebrations.
  3. High-Season Pricing: Traveling to Vietnam in January often means higher prices for airfare and accommodations, approximately 25 percent higher than the annual average. Booking your flights and accommodations well in advance is advisable to secure reasonable rates and availability.
  4. Shopping Opportunities: With increased domestic demand and supplies, January offers a variety of shopping options, from local markets to malls. Shoppers can explore a wide range of goods, but be mindful of the increased prices during this busy season.

Travelers are encouraged to book accommodations and flights early to avoid overcharging and overcrowding, especially during the Tet Holiday period. This proactive approach ensures a smoother and more budget-friendly travel experience.

Unique places to see in Vietnam in January

Vietnam in January unveils a rich mosaic of diverse destinations, each offering its unique charm. Here’s a curated collection of remarkable places to explore during this delightful season:


Hanoi Ta Hien street
Hanoi Ta Hien street

Hanoi in January marks the tail end of winter, characterized by occasional clouds and a mild chill. Temperatures can occasionally dip to around 50°F (10°C). On average, you can expect a comfortable range between 59-68°F (15-20°C), creating an ideal atmosphere for leisurely strolls through the enchanting streets of Hanoi’s Old Quarter. This is the perfect time to explore the city like a local, visiting ancient temples, and savoring Hanoi’s delectable specialties. In January, Hanoi’s vibrant street food scene comes alive. You won’t want to miss local favorites like Pho (Vietnamese rice noodles), Bun cha (Grilled meat rice noodles), Bun thang (Hot rice noodles with chicken soup), and the unique Egg coffee, which provide a warm and flavorful culinary experience. It’s a season that invites you to immerse yourself in Hanoi’s culture and savor its culinary delights.

Ninh Binh

Hiking at cuc phuong national park

Ninh Binh in January welcomes you with crisp, cool weather and a serene ambiance. This is the perfect time to explore the stunning landscapes, such as the Tam Coc rice paddies and limestone karsts, without the crowds. You can take a tranquil boat ride through the winding rivers or hike to picturesque viewpoints with comfortable temperatures. The lush greenery and beautiful landscapes create a mesmerizing backdrop for your adventures. Ninh Binh’s cultural sites, including ancient temples and pagodas, are also ideal to explore in this pleasant weather. Whether you’re a nature lover or a history enthusiast, Ninh Binh in January offers a tranquil and captivating experience.

Hoi An

Hoi An street vendor
Hoi An street vendor

In January, as you journey northward, you’ll find the heart of Central Vietnam, where the enchanting route from Hue to Danang to Hoi An Ancient Town beckons. Hoi An, a UNESCO-listed gem, stands as one of Vietnam’s most sought-after tourist destinations. With its unique blend of Japanese, Vietnamese, and Chinese architecture, Hoi An embodies the vibrant history of trade in this region. The Old Town is particularly enchanting at night when the streets come alive with hundreds of lanterns, casting a magical glow over the city. If your heart yearns for a beach escape, Ha My, An Bang, and Cua Dai offer pristine shores just a stone’s throw away from town.

Nha Trang

Nha Trang in January offers a refreshing start to the year with its tropical charm and pleasant climate. This coastal gem on Vietnam’s eastern shores boasts sunny days and comfortable temperatures, making it an ideal destination for beach lovers and water sports enthusiasts. You can explore Nha Trang’s captivating marine life by snorkeling or diving in its crystal-clear waters, while also taking in the city’s cultural sights like Po Nagar Towers and the Long Son Pagoda. January is perfect for sunbathing, swimming, and indulging in the local seafood cuisine. Nha Trang’s warm hospitality and breathtaking beaches make it a wonderful choice for a winter getaway.

Quy Nhon

Quy Nhon Ky Co island
Quy Nhon Ky Co island

Quy Nhon in January is a serene coastal gem bathed in pleasant weather. The city’s stunning beaches, like Bai Xep and Bai Dai, offer the perfect escape from the chilly winters in many parts of the world. The temperature is comfortably mild, allowing for long, leisurely walks along the shore and water activities like swimming and snorkeling. The local seafood is at its freshest, and you can savor a multitude of delicious dishes. Quy Nhon is known for its laid-back atmosphere and friendly locals, providing a tranquil environment for relaxation and exploration. Whether you’re seeking a peaceful beach vacation or a cultural adventure, Quy Nhon in January has something to offer.

Celebrations in Vietnam in January

Vietnam in January is a vibrant tapestry of holidays and festivals, offering an excellent opportunity to delve into the nation’s rich culture and embrace its lively spirit. Here are some of the noteworthy holidays and festivals celebrated in Vietnam during this month

Tet – Vietnamese Lunar New Year: Tet, the Vietnamese Lunar New Year, is a grand and nationally celebrated festival that spans six days. It usually falls between late January and mid-February, signifying the beginning of spring. This festival holds a special place in the hearts of the Vietnamese people, drawing them back to their ancestral homes from across the country and even abroad. Tet is marked by a continuous extravaganza of cultural festivities and traditions. Families come together to honor their ancestors, visit temples and pagodas, exchange gifts, and engage in a range of activities that reflect Vietnam’s rich cultural heritage. It’s a time of renewal, hope, and togetherness in the spirit of a new year.

Sa Dec Flower Festival: The Sa Dec Flower Festival, often recognized as the second “flower city” following Dalat, takes place in Dong Thap Province. This enchanting festival spans from December to February, providing visitors with a chance to immerse themselves in the splendor of blossoming flowers. Amidst this colorful extravaganza, visitors can partake in various activities that offer a glimpse into the lively local culture of the Mekong Delta. It’s an ideal opportunity to select and take home your preferred flowers, ensuring that you carry a piece of the festival’s vibrant beauty with you. The Sa Dec Flower Festival is a delightful celebration of nature and culture in Vietnam.

These holidays and festivals create a unique chance to interact with locals and experience the lively spirit of Vietnam in January.

Final thoughts

Journey to Vietnam in January is an invitation to discover this captivating country at one of its most charming times. From the cool, crisp days in the north to the mild, sun-soaked coastlines in the south, Vietnam offers a diverse range of experiences. Whether you’re drawn to cultural exploration, natural beauty, or thrilling adventures, the “S-shaped strip of land” has it all.

With the assistance of Viland Travel’s customized tours, you can tailor your Vietnam adventure to match your unique desires. The combination of expert guidance and personalized itineraries ensures an unforgettable exploration. So, if you’re contemplating a January getaway to Vietnam, seize the opportunity and make your travel dreams come true. 

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