Top Tips for Getting Around Myanmar

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Always lock your bag! A general rule in every place we go to is to always keep your bag locked. We usually place our big bag in whatever storage compartment the bus has then keep our valuables with us at all times.

  • Bring warm clothes! As mentioned, busses in South East Asia are notorious for being super cold. Always carry layers of clothing with you to help keep you warm. Alternatively, if you’re out of luck and the bus you’re in has a broken air-conditioning, make sure you’re ready to peel those layers away!
  • Bring anti-nausea tablets. They are cheap and readily available anywhere! Even if you never get dizzy, you never know with these bus rides. My partner Tom had to endure a 7-hour bus ride in Myanmar with a lady vomiting her guts out the entire way
  • Take the time to research bus lines and check their safety records! While most of the buses have already been upgraded, it is still better to check ahead of time.
  • That’s it from me! Hopefully, this article has helped you figure out the best ways to travel around Myanmar and how to figure out their transportation system.One of famous in Myanmar


One of famous in Myanmar

One of famous in Myanmar

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