Top 8 Must-Do Experiences when travel to Vietnam

Vietnam, shaped like an S—long and narrow—offers a diverse range of Northern moutains and landscapes, including megacities, white sand beaches, jade-green paddy fields, and soaring limestone peaks. In addition, the country has a wide range of regional specialties with the famous Son Doong cave which is recognized as the largest cave in the world. Travel to Vietnam means that the tourists can discover and experience many first-things in their lives. The following list of the top 8 must-do experiences for an unforgettable trip when travel to Vietnam will inspire you to plan your once-in-a-lifetime travel trip and help you decide what to include on your bucket list.

Vietnam Highlighted On A White Simplified 3D World Map / Source: hernan_hyper - YayImages
Vietnam Highlighted On A White Simplified 3D World Map / Source: hernan_hyper – YayImages

Travel to Vietnam to Enjoy the richness and diversity of Vietnamese cuisine

Vietnamese cuisine is well-known throughout the world. I assume everyone has heard of Pho, right? When you travel to Vietnam, the first thing to do in Vietnam on the top 8 lists is to participate in a street food tour. It is among the best methods for learning about a nation’s culture. The three largest cities in this nation to take food tours are Hanoi, Hoian, and Ho Chi Minh City. You will have the chance to observe and converse with locals during the tour to learn more about local culture and Vietnamese cuisine. If you book local professional tour guides, they will take you to locations that are not listed in any books.

Travel to Vietnam and enjoy Vietnamese food menu: A plate of spring rolls with sweet chili dip sauce / Source: jee1999 - YayImages
Travel to Vietnam and enjoy Vietnamese food menu: A plate of spring rolls with sweet chili dip sauce / Source: jee1999 – YayImages

Out of many best places to visit in Vietnam, we highly recommend Hanoi, Hue, Ho Chi Minh City, and so on. In Hanoi, you can try Pho noodles, unique egg coffee, and local Bia; in Hoian, Banh Mi sandwiches, Mot drink, and Quang noodles; and in Ho Chi Minh City, you would be so much enjoyable the Saigon food tours, starting with broken rice and Hu Tieu Nam Vang, and then move up the ladders with complex foods in Mekong Delta river, where tourists can eat in the middle of the river, and join others for a picturesque beautiful . Vietnamese food is inexpensive and delicious, so don’t pass up the opportunity to try it while you’re here. Hanoi is not only the best place to go on a food tour but also a commercial, cultural, and political capital.

Travel to Vietnam to Learn about the unique cultures of the world heritage sites

It is a regrettable thing to skip Hue during your vacation in Vietnam. Vietnam’s former capital, Hue, is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is one of the most enjoyable activities in central Vietnam.

Travel to Vietnam and Inside The Citadel. Imperial Forbidden City. Hue, Vietnam / Source: Smoke666 - YayImages
Travel to Vietnam and Inside The Citadel. Imperial Forbidden City. Hue, Vietnam / Source: Smoke666 – YayImages

In Hue, there are numerous tourist attractions such as pagodas, tombs, and palaces. The most famous is Hue Imperial Citadel, which was the “house” of the Nguyen Royal Family, Vietnam’s last dynasty. An impressive moat filled with water lilies surrounds the citadel grounds. Inside the citadel, you can walk around and admire various buildings in their original, restored, and damaged stages; carved gates; royal pavilions; the Flag Tower, and Royal Antiquities museums. If you like Vietnamese costumes, there is a photo opportunity where you can dress up like a king or queen.

Travel to Vietnam to Admire the breathtaking mountain landscapes 

The Trang An landscape complex is one of the most beautiful places in Vietnam to admire the breathtaking mountain landscapes. This 6226-ha site, located in the south of Ninh Binh province and only 90 kilometers from Hanoi, is mostly flooded with rice fields. Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex was officially recognized as a Vietnamese landscape by UNESCO on June 25, 2014, based on three criteria: culture, beauty, and aesthetics, as well as geology and geomorphology. This is one of the few places on the planet where the natural landscape has remained untouched for 30,000 years. Trang An, with its long history and culture, possesses lyrical beauty and becomes the place where ancient sediments intersect with the Vietnamese people’s wet rice civilization.

Of our top 8 must-do when travel to Vietnam, we highly recommend that Trang An is best visited between January and March since it is in springtime that brings a cool climate as well as plenty of green plants, which makes it ideal for viewing the majestic natural scenery here. This is also the season for many festivals in Trang An, the most notable of which is the festival for peace at Bai Dinh pagoda. The lotus season in Trang An blooms from April to June; during this time, there is little rain here, which will fascinate you at first sight. Ripe rice season lasts from May to August, and Trang An is surprisingly beautiful. This is the best time to go on a cruise to see Trang An Mountain and take many beautiful pictures with no filter needed.

Travel to Vietnam to Discover the magnificence of cave systems & Karst Terrain

Located in Halong City, Halong Bay has been designated a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site twice for its geology and geomorphology. As a result, visitors to Halong Bay should not pass up the opportunity to explore the grotto system there.

Ha Long Bay, Dau Go Cave, North Vietnam - Source: GNNick - YayImages
Ha Long Bay, Dau Go Cave, North Vietnam – Source: GNNick – YayImages

Halong Bay has many caves and islands due to its Karst terrain. These caves are a popular stop on the way to Halong Bay. Tourists are well-versed in some famous caves, such as the “Dau Go” cave, “Thien Cung” cave, and “Sung Sot” cave… The magical world of stalactites and stalagmites in various sizes and shapes will undoubtedly awe all visitors to the Creator’s magnificent masterpieces.

Travel to Vietnam to Experience the chaos and grace of riding a motorbike

For any tourist travel to Vietnam who visits big cities like Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, observing millions of motorbikes hustle on the streets during rush hours is an amazing and photography-worthy experience. But what makes riding motorcycles in Vietnam both horrific and adventurous at the same time is how it’s systematically chaotic. You will see people riding on the wrong side of the road and in the wrong direction, motorbikes driving down the sidewalks, and riders who just don’t give a damn about traffic lights. You will also find yourself freaking out when walking across the street since no motorbike looks like it will stop to let you through.

With your trip while travel to Vietnam and the assistance of the motorcycle, you will undoubtedly have more opportunities to meet with locals. They could be a street vendor, a police officer, or just a random person you ask for directions from on the street. In contrast to the scammers or agents who try to sell you their services, you will discover how genuine and helpful these people are. You can also talk to them and listen to their stories, which will provide you with new perspectives on local life and culture. That is why we have included motorbike riding as one of the top 8 must-dos when travel to Vietnam for you.

Travel to Vietnam to Visit the beautiful countryside & encounter locals

Sapa and the Mekong Delta are the two most well-known places to explore the countryside. Sapa is renowned for having some of Asia’s most beautiful rice terraces. Sapa trekking is the best way to discover them. The Mekong Delta is also known as Vietnam’s rice bowl. It is the most remote region, with many rice fields and fruit orchards. There are various ways to investigate them. Boat trips are among the most popular, but biking and hiking tours through the countryside are also enjoyable ways to explore the area.

In Hoi An, agriculture tours are the most popular. The countryside is only a 10-minute bike ride from this atmospheric old city. The rice fields are not as beautiful as those in northern Vietnam, but everything is much more accessible here. You don’t have to travel far to enjoy some very enjoyable countryside and agricultural tours. You can, for example, learn to work in the fields and ride a buffalo.

Mu Cang Chai, Hoang Su Phi, and Bac Son Valley also have the most beautiful countryside tours. These destinations are off the beaten path and difficult to reach, so a countryside tour of these places will take you to the most authentic parts of Vietnam. Aside from stunning views, you’ll learn more about local cultures, such as how minorities work in fields and how terraced rice fields are built.

Travel to Vietnam to Relax on pristine beaches with warm waters and tropical breezes

If you need to unwind, relaxing on some spectacular beaches in Nha Trang is one of the best options on our list of the top 8 must-dos when travel to Vietnam. Nha Trang is a lovely coastal town with a white sand beach and clear blue water. The two most beautiful beaches in Nha Trang are Nha Trang Beach and Bai Dai Beach. Nha Trang beach is home to many luxury hotels and resorts where you can build some pretty sandcastles or lie on pristine beaches, watch magnificent sunsets, and sip a coconut drink while listening to the sound of waves.

Bai Dai Beach is one of Nha Trang’s beautiful white sandy beaches. It is a long, smooth sand beach with coconut lines swaying in the wind where you can fully relax and watch activities such as tug of war, beach volleyball, or soccer.

Travel to Vietnam Explore open-air markets & floating markets

When travel to Vietnam, the Mekong Delta is a different world on the water. It is Vietnam’s “rice bowl,” with an incredible number of waterways. Floating houses, restaurants, and markets dot the rivers, canals, and streams of the Mekong Delta. Cai Rang, a floating market, is one of the largest wholesale floating markets in this region, selling a wide range of goods from fruits and vegetables to cosmetics, clothing, mobile cards, and gasoline…

When you visit this market early in the morning, you will not only be able to see colorful boats selling goods, but you will also have the opportunity to taste a variety of local fresh tropical fruits such as green mangos, pineapples, dragon fruits, oranges, coconuts, durians, etc., or enjoy the hot dishes served on the sampans. A bowl of traditional Crap Noodles, BBQ pork noodles, or even Banh Mi has a distinct Mekong flavor. The Cai Rang Floating Market opens early in the morning, so it’s best to book a two-day, one-night Mekong Delta tour that includes an overnight stay in Can Tho province, followed by a visit to the market the next day.

Final Thought

If you’re planning a trip travel to Vietnam, there are many amazing experiences that you must not miss. From exploring the bustling streets of Hanoi to cruising along the serene waters of Halong Bay, Vietnam is a country that offers a diverse range of sights and experiences. Whether you’re interested in history, culture, nature, or food, Vietnam has something for everyone. In this post, we’ve highlighted the top 8 must-do experiences that will make your trip travel to Vietnam unforgettable.

From trying the delicious street food to visiting ancient temples and pagodas, these experiences offer a glimpse into the rich and vibrant culture of Vietnam. So pack your bags and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime in this beautiful and fascinating country.