Best Hotels in Hoi An Old Town for your Romantic Getaway

Hoi An’s enchanting ambiance beckons numerous couples and honeymooners seeking romance. The vibrant lantern-lit streets, scenic riverside vistas, and meticulously preserved architecture of Hoi An Old Town provide an idyllic backdrop for romantic escapades. While the entire city exudes its own romantic charm, Viland Travel aims to curate a trip that creates lasting memories. That’s […]

Relax in Style – Top Luxury Hotels in Hoi An for an opulent coastal experience

Discover the charm of Hoi An, coastal city of Central Vietnam with a rich history, once a bustling port and textile hub, reflected in its intricate network of canals. The city’s name, meaning “peaceful meeting place,” is derived from Sino-Vietnamese. Hoi An remains a hub for tailoring services, drawing visitors seeking bespoke suits and clothing. […]