All you need to know about the most iconic Da Nang bridges – the city’s best check-in spots –

Bridges play a pivotal role in the history of Vietnam’s major cities, becoming iconic symbols that stand the test of time. Notable examples include Hanoi’s Long Bien Bridge, Hue’s Truong Tien Bridge, and Ho Chi Minh City’s Ba Son and Thu Thiem Bridges. Da Nang, among the country’s largest cities, boasts a collection of bridges […]

Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

Top 7 Vietnam Best Locations for a family fun-filled trip

Vietnam is a top-notch destination for families seeking a fun-filled cross-country travel experience. Its diverse landscapes, rich culture, fascinating history, and friendly locals make it an ideal place to explore with kids. If you’re planning the family vacation of a lifetime, read on as we list the best locations to make your trip unforgettable. Must-visit destinations Taking a […]