Lo Mo cave

Come and enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience in the caves of Ba Be with our dedicated adventure tour. Although there are several huge caves in Central Vietnam, Lo Mo Cave is a major new discovery in the north and another great reason to visit Ba Be National Park, an area of limestone karst mountains surrounding spectacular lakes. This cave is yet to be documented by geologists and is sure to bring out your inner explorer.

Lo Mo expedition in Ba Be National Park is located in the buffer zone of North Vietnam's Ba Be National Park; a vast area of dramatic mountains, clear lakes and verdant forests.
The cave itself is limestone karst formed by water erosion over millions of years, resulting in an incredible subterranean landscape. The main body of the cave stretches underground for about three thousand metres following a mineral rich underground river. Inside the chambers of the cave are a variety of stalagmite columns reaching heights of up to forty metres, mirrored by large stalactite formations hanging from the ceiling. During treks, guides will use lights to illuminate sculptured formations, rare fauna and flora, and the iridescent colours of the water and rock.