Fun things to do in Vietnam with children – Full guide

Vietnam, adorned with palm-fringed beaches, bustling markets, captivating cities, and misty mountains surrounded by rice terraces and rainforests, is undeniably a fantastic destination for adults. The question arises: how does it fare when it comes to traveling with kids? The answer resounds with a resounding yes. However, the translation of “good” and “easy” may pose a challenge. Amidst the plethora of sights and activities, navigating Vietnam with curious little ones can be an adventure in itself.

Yet, the warmth of welcome extends to children everywhere you go. Presenting our curated list of top fun things to do in Vietnam with children from North to South, ensuring that your family journey through Vietnam is not only memorable but also enjoyable. From the charming chaos of vibrant markets to the enchanting landscapes, Vietnam provides an array of family-friendly experiences that transform the challenges of travel into an exciting exploration for both grown-ups and their curious companions.

Top 10 fun things to do in Vietnam with your kids for an unforgettable vacation

Beyond its natural wonders, Vietnam’s appeal lies in its rich heritage and history, complemented by a unique and diverse culture. The vibrant traditions paint a colorful tapestry, creating an immersive experience for families. From the energetic hustle of Ho Chi Minh City to the historical charm of Hanoi, the atmospheric beachside towns of Hoi An, the tropical allure of Phu Quoc, to the ethereal hill tribe villages nestled in the mountains, every corner of Vietnam exudes a distinctive charm. Moreover, Vietnam’s culinary delights, renowned as some of the world’s tastiest, add a flavorful dimension to the family vacation experience. With a harmonious blend of cultural richness, diverse landscapes, and delectable cuisine, Vietnam promises not just a holiday but a memorable journey for families seeking adventure and cultural exploration.

If you are looking for fun things to do in Vietnam with your family then look no further, read on and let us guide you through the adventure that will embrace your children’s family’s core memories.

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Explore Hanoi’s Old Quarter

Ha Noi old street
Ha Noi old street

Embarking on a family adventure to explore Hanoi’s Old Quarter is a vibrant and enriching experience. As you wander through the bustling streets, the lively atmosphere of this historic district captivates both adults and children alike. The narrow lanes are adorned with colorful markets, traditional shops, and enticing street food stalls, creating an immersive environment for the entire family.

Children can revel in the sensory delight of trying local snacks, from crispy banh mi sandwiches to delectable sweet treats like che, a Vietnamese dessert. The diversity of flavors and aromas in the air adds an exciting dimension to the journey, making it a culinary exploration for young taste buds.

Beyond the culinary delights, the Old Quarter offers a glimpse into Hanoi’s rich cultural heritage. Families can visit traditional shops selling handmade crafts, explore ancient temples nestled amidst the bustling streets, and witness the local way of life. Engaging with street vendors and craftsmen provides an interactive experience, allowing children to appreciate the vibrant culture of Hanoi. Overall, a visit to Hanoi’s Old Quarter promises an educational and entertaining outing for families, blending cultural immersion with culinary delights in the heart of Vietnam’s capital city.

Cruising on Halong Bay

Ha Long Bay kayaking
Ha Long Bay kayaking

Journey on a family-friendly cruise in the enchanting Halong Bay is a captivating adventure for both parents and kids alike. The bay’s iconic limestone karsts, hidden caves, and emerald waters create a fairy-tale-like setting that captures the imagination of young travelers. The sheer beauty of the natural scenery, with its towering rock formations emerging from the sea, provides a mesmerizing backdrop for an unforgettable family experience.

During the cruise, children can engage in a variety of activities that add to the excitement. Many cruises offer kayaking opportunities, allowing kids to paddle through the calm waters and explore hidden corners of the bay. This hands-on experience brings a sense of exploration and adventure.

Additionally, swimming in the pristine waters of Halong Bay is often an option, providing a refreshing break amid the scenic surroundings. Families can enjoy moments of leisure on the sundeck, taking in the breathtaking views, or participate in onboard activities organized by the cruise staff.

The cruise not only offers a comfortable and enjoyable way to witness Halong Bay’s beauty but also provides a family-friendly environment where children can marvel at the wonders of nature and create lasting memories against the backdrop of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Visit the Water Puppet Theater

Ha Noi Water Puppet Theater
Ha Noi Water Puppet Theater

A visit to the Water Puppet Theater in Hanoi promises a unique and enchanting cultural experience for families with children. The theater, a celebrated cultural institution, brings traditional Vietnamese stories to life through a captivating performance featuring colorful puppets maneuvered on water.

Children will be entranced by the whimsical characters and lively narratives, all set against the backdrop of the water stage. The fusion of puppetry, live music, and traditional storytelling creates a mesmerizing spectacle that captures the imagination of both young and adult audiences.

While at the Water Puppet Theater, families can enhance their cultural outing by exploring the surrounding areas of Hanoi. Take a stroll through the historic Old Quarter, known for its bustling markets, ancient temples, and vibrant street life. Indulge in local street food, introducing the little ones to the flavors of Vietnamese cuisine.

Additionally, families can visit nearby landmarks such as the Hoan Kiem Lake and Ngoc Son Temple, immersing themselves in the rich history and picturesque scenery of Hanoi. Water Puppet Theater not only offers an entertaining show but also serves as a gateway to discovering the cultural treasures that Hanoi has to offer.

Explore Hoi An Ancient Town

Explore Hoi An Ancient Town with a captivating adventure to unveil a charming and enchanting town of the past. The town’s picturesque streets, adorned with vibrant lanterns and well-preserved ancient architecture, create a magical setting that captivates both children and adults alike. 

Cycling becomes a delightful family activity, allowing you to meander through the narrow lanes, discovering hidden corners, and absorbing the timeless beauty of this UNESCO World Heritage site. The gentle pace ensures everyone can appreciate the rich cultural heritage that permeates every street.

Indulge in the local culinary delights as a family, trying the diverse array of Vietnamese street food and delicacies available in the town. The aromatic flavors and unique textures provide a memorable culinary journey for both adventurous young taste buds and more seasoned palates.

As evening descends, Hoi An transforms into a mesmerizing lantern-lit wonderland. Encourage the children to participate in the town’s tradition of releasing lanterns onto the Thu Bon River, creating a serene and magical ambiance. Exploring Hoi An Ancient Town becomes a wholesome family affair, fostering a connection with Vietnam’s cultural tapestry while creating lasting memories against the backdrop of this enchanting setting.

Sand dune sledding in Mui Ne

Sand dune sledding in Mui Ne is definitely a must, this activity promises a thrilling adventure for families with children. Located in Vietnam, the Mui Ne sand dunes offer an exhilarating playground where kids can indulge in the excitement of sliding down the golden slopes, creating cherished memories set against the breathtaking landscape.

As children engage in sand sledding, the sheer joy and laughter echo through the dunes, making it a memorable experience for both parents and little adventurers. The soft, warm sand provides a safe and enjoyable environment for the entire family to partake in this unique and entertaining activity.

Apart from the excitement of sledding, families can immerse themselves in the beauty of the surrounding landscape. Mui Ne sand dunes, with their mesmerizing hues during sunrise or sunset, create a picturesque setting. Parents and children can enjoy capturing these magical moments, creating a visual diary of their time spent amidst the rolling dunes.

Additionally, the Mui Ne area offers opportunities to explore nearby attractions, such as the Fairy Stream or the Fishing Village, providing a well-rounded experience for families seeking not only adventure but also a glimpse into the diverse and captivating facets of Vietnam’s natural beauty.

Going on the Cu Chi Tunnels Adventure

Cu Chi Tunnels Adventure near Ho Chi Minh City offers a unique opportunity for families to delve into Vietnam’s wartime history while engaging in an exhilarating underground exploration. This historical site provides a hands-on learning experience for children, allowing them to gain insight into the resilience and ingenuity of the Vietnamese people during the war.

As families navigate through the intricate tunnel network, kids can immerse themselves in the stories of courage and survival, learning about the strategies employed by Vietnamese soldiers. Crawling through the narrow passageways, they can experience firsthand the challenges faced by those who lived in the tunnels during wartime.

Apart from exploring the tunnels, families can engage in various activities to enhance their visit. Guided tours offer informative commentary, providing context to the historical significance of the site. Interactive exhibits showcase artifacts and displays, offering a deeper understanding of the tunnel system and its role in Vietnam’s history.

Additionally, families can participate in educational demonstrations, such as trap-setting demonstrations or rifle shooting, providing a glimpse into the daily life of soldiers during the war. Overall, the Cu Chi Tunnels Adventure offers a memorable and educational experience for families, combining history, exploration, and hands-on learning in a captivating setting.

Going an adventure to Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park

Embarking on a family adventure to Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park promises an enchanting experience amidst its breathtaking landscapes. Home to stunning caves and lush greenery, this UNESCO World Heritage site offers a unique escapade for children and adults alike. The highlight of the visit lies in the guided boat tours, ensuring a family-friendly exploration of the park’s natural wonders.

As you glide along the serene waters, the children will be captivated by the mesmerizing cave formations, stalactites, and stalagmites that adorn the subterranean world. The guided tours not only provide a safe and educational experience but also offer fascinating insights into the geological wonders of the region.

While in Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, families can also indulge in trekking adventures, exploring the verdant trails that lead to hidden caves and scenic viewpoints. The lush greenery and diverse fauna create a picturesque backdrop for nature walks, allowing children to connect with the great outdoors.

To enhance the family experience, consider picnicking amidst the park’s natural beauty, creating cherished moments surrounded by the tranquility of this captivating destination. Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park ensures an immersive and educational family getaway, blending adventure with the awe-inspiring wonders of Vietnam’s natural heritage.

Mekong Delta Boat Tour exploration

Going on a Mekong Delta Boat Tour with children promises an immersive and enchanting experience, creating lasting memories for the entire family. Navigating the intricate waterways of the Mekong Delta offers a unique perspective on daily life, allowing kids to marvel at floating markets, traditional villages, and the lush, vibrant landscapes that define this iconic region.

The boat rides themselves become an adventure, with children delighting in the gentle sway of the boat, the rhythmic sounds of the water, and the picturesque scenery unfolding around them. The floating markets add an element of excitement as families witness locals buying and selling goods directly from their boats, creating a lively and colorful spectacle.

Interactions with locals provide invaluable cultural insights for children. From observing traditional practices in riverside villages to exchanging smiles and greetings with friendly faces along the journey, these moments foster a sense of connection and understanding.

To enhance the experience, families can indulge in local cuisine, try tropical fruits from floating vendors, and explore the hidden gems scattered along the waterways. This boat tour not only offers a visual feast of Mekong Delta’s beauty but also serves as a cultural voyage, making it a must-do activity for families seeking both adventure and a deeper understanding of Vietnam’s rich heritage.

Spend a day at the Saigon Zoo and Botanical Gardens

fun things to do in vietnam
Image: Zing

Spending a day for a delightful family adventure in Ho Chi Minh City at the Saigon Zoo and Botanical Gardens is a great way to relax not only for your kids but also for travelers of all ages. This iconic attraction offers a perfect blend of educational and recreational activities for children, making it an ideal destination for a family outing. The zoo features a diverse array of animals, providing kids with an opportunity to witness wildlife up close and fostering an appreciation for biodiversity.

Beyond the fascinating animal exhibits, the Botanical Gardens provide a serene escape for families. Children can immerse themselves in the lush greenery, exploring the vibrant plant life and learning about various species. The well-maintained gardens create a peaceful ambiance, offering a contrast to the lively energy of the zoo.

For added family enjoyment, consider packing a picnic to savor in the gardens. This allows for a relaxed and enjoyable experience, as the family can unwind amidst nature. The Saigon Zoo and Botanical Gardens thus become not just a venue for observing wildlife but a holistic destination for family bonding, learning, and recreation in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City.

Enjoy Phu Quoc’s beaches and fun theme parks

Indulging in the beauty of Phu Quoc’s pristine beaches and vibrant theme parks is an ideal family activity, offering a plethora of experiences for all ages. The focus on beaches provides a perfect setting for relaxation, where families can unwind on bone-white shores while engaging in water activities like snorkeling to enhance the coastal experience. The allure extends beyond the sandy shores, with rainforest excursions easily arranged, allowing families to explore the island’s diverse ecosystems.

A highlight for families is the Disney-inspired VinWonders theme park, where enchanting attractions and entertainment cater to both the young and the young at heart. Additionally, the exhilarating waterslides at Hon Thom Nature Park, accessed through the world’s longest overwater cable car ride, promise thrilling adventures for adventurous families.

Phu Quoc’s accessibility with direct international flights makes it a convenient destination for family vacations. Beyond the beach escapades and theme park thrills, exploring local markets, savoring delectable seafood, and discovering the island’s cultural facets can further enrich the family experience. In Phu Quoc, families are treated to a diverse array of activities that cater to every interest, ensuring a memorable and well-rounded vacation on this enchanting Vietnamese island.

Final thoughts

Vietnam stands as an ideal destination for a family vacation. A well-planned trip would offering an array of fun things to do in Vietnam with your kids amidst stunning landscapes. From the towering limestone cliffs to pristine bone-white beaches, emerald-green rice paddies, and the labyrinthine islands of the Mekong Delta, the country showcases some of Southeast Asia’s most breathtaking scenery. This picturesque backdrop sets the stage for an unforgettable family adventure.

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