Here are some questions we often get asked during the consultation process. If your questions are not answered below, do not hesitate to email us at [email protected] or call the hotline at (+84) 394-616-768.

1. What does a private tour mean?

The definition for a private tour is an itinerary run exclusively for you and your family or friends. On a private trip, everybody you travel with will be somebody you know. Private tours are more flexible when it comes to your group size, travel dates, and what your trip includes.

2. What is the biggest advantage of a private tour?

Because of Complete Freedom and flexibility . Personalized private tours give you total freedom and flexibility. The tour itinerary and schedule are entirely focused and planned around you. Everything is catered to your tastes, including places to visit, things to do, types of activities you’ll enjoy, and even the menu.

3. Are all custom tours expensive?

If compared with a group tour, the cost you see initially may be higher. But at the end of the trip, you will realize that it is well worth every penny. At Viland Travel, we do not want to become the cheapest one but the best value one possible. In a competitive environment like the travel industry: all price you get, you can find another provider that offers a cheaper deal. Here, we always focus on quality and affordable package prices, not cheap or crazy expensive tours. Please bear in mind that the actual price depends on the hotel you stay in, the mode of transportation, meals provided, experienced tour guides, and the level of services. Please take your time to learn about everything we offer and let us know if the price is acceptable. If it does not match your budget, do not hesitate to let us know.

4. What are the payment methods? Can I pay for the tour by credit card? Is that safe?

For your security, Viland travel accepts payment methods such as: Wire bank transfer/ Telegraphic Transfer, Credit cards, Western Union and cash. For further information, please check it out.

Based on the above-mentioned information, you can certainly pay by credit card for your trip. It is very safe since we will just need your general information (Name on card, Card type, Billing address, Nationality, and telephone number) to create an online link to send you then, you will open the private link to make the payment accordingly.

5. Is it necessary to have travel insurance?

Travel Insurance may not be mandatory for tourists in many countries but always recommended to have one before you explore any foreign country. Due to our extensive experience in the travel industry, Travel Insurance is one of the most important parts of the holidays that any traveler should have. It helps protect you when unexpected problems/ Majeure force may happen. Of course, you will spend a little bit more $$, but they are helpful and protective. Please double-check to ensure your travel insurance covers the medication and all problems that may arise on tours, such as luggage loss, flight cancelation, or any incidents.

6. Does the trip cost include travel insurance?

Travel Insurance is excluded from our tour packages. Since it is cheaper and more convenient for our customers to purchase travel insurance from their end, we leave this arrangement up to you.

7. Does the tour price include international airfares?

Just like insurance, our tour price does not include round-trip international airfare. The reason is simple; airfares are always at the cheapest at the point of departure.

Our US clients often fly with United Airlines/ Korean Air/ Cathay Pacific/ China Airlines/ China Southern. To get the best deal, check it out at Search Flights, Hotels & Rental Cars | KAYAK or Cheap Flights, Airline Tickets & Airfare Deals – CheapAir using the multi-cities search. Or you can make an online reservation on the official website of the airline.

8. What is the tipping culture in Southeast Asia?

Tipping isn’t mandatory or customary in Southeast Asia, but it is always appreciated. We often encourage people to tip if they receive excellent service. When you’re at the restaurant, leave US$1-US$2 on the table to implicitly say you enjoyed the meal they served. Tip US$1 to a bellmen who helps you to carry your luggage. For your private guide, it is US$6-US$8/ person/ day. And for your driver, that amount will be US$3-US$5.

9. What are Viland Travel’s terms and conditions?

Please take your time to read our terms and conditions

10. Do you require a deposit for booking?

Yes, we require a deposit of 20% of the booking total to confirm your booking. It is a refundable amount and can be made by credit card or wire transfer in USD or VND.

11. How to cancel the trip I have booked?

Should you need to cancel the trip for any reason, please send us an official email. We have cancellation policy which states clearly in our terms and conditions as well as the booking guidelines . For further information, please check it out.

12. In case of an emergency on tour, who should I contact?

In case of an emergency on tour, Call Us +84394616768

13. If I have booked a transfer but cannot find it on arrival at the airport, what should I do?

If you cannot find our guide and driver at the airport, please open the service voucher and see the list of emergency contacts, then give us a call. Should you don’t have a mobile phone, visit the closest airport staff and ask for help.