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Vietnam is an exotic and exciting country, chalked full of variety in every aspect. A nation, believed to have been established over 4000 years ago, it is one of the oldest civilisations in existance, and the region is thought to be one of the ‘cradles of civilization’. Geological formations of moutains, caves, karst, valleys, and deltas define much of the countries landscape, while a rich history in agriculture occupies the rest –  Vietnam was one of the first to develop agriculture, and most importantly rice farming.

All of this means you’ll have a huge array of outdoor activities to experience, maybe even experience one while you are in one of the ‘Natural Wonders of the World’, Halong Bay, or one of the 8 UNESCO World Heritage sites in Vietnam. Needless to say, this country has some of the most amazing views and sceneries.

But lets not forget the people, most often your experiences in a foreign country is defined by the locals, and these are the most welcoming and curious people there are. From the busiest of streets to the most remote of areas, theres is always a Vietnamese smiling happily at their foreign guests, glad that the traveling world is now visiting and exploring their beautiful culture. And with any culture comes a wealth of food, and Vietnam is known worldwide for their cuisine, with so many more dishes still waiting to be discovered by the western world. Given the chance the Vietnamese people will be more than happy and proud to show you their wonderful culinary delights.

This is one special country that you’ll never forget, for all the right reasons.

Our team is what makes VILAND the leaders in Vietnamese travel, because at the end of the day, we are travellers helping travellers.

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Myanmar (Burma)

Myanmar (Burma) is simply amazing. This country of 55 million is rapidly emerging from more than 50 years of military dictatorship, blossoming into as worthy a stop as its popular neighbors. The people are more than friendly; they're thrilled to have tourists after being closed off to the West for so long. And it's safe; you won't constantly need to feel for your purse or hold your jewelry tightly.

Myanmar is a country straddling two worlds—Wi-Fi has arrived, but just 10% of the population has a mobile phone. There are pristine 12th-century pagodas and beautiful beaux arts buildings, though how long they'll be preserved remains to be seen, which makes now the time to go. A note about this guide: it is impossible to go to Myanmar and not indirectly give money to the government; the airlines and many of the better hotels are connected to the government. We encourage travelers to do their best to support independent businesses.