Explore Central Vietnam with the complete Vietnam 1 week itinerary

Central Vietnam is known for its stunning coastline, rich history, and delicious cuisine, but it can be quite a challenge to put together a Vietnam travel itinerary 1 week that lets you have the once-in-a-lifetime experience. Here at Viland Travel, we understand this struggle and put together a comprehensive itinerary that will allow you to explore it all. From the charming town of Hoi An to the imperial city of Hue, this itinerary will take you on a journey through some of the most spectacular sights in the region. So sit back, relax, and get ready to discover Central Vietnam with our complete Vietnam one week itinerary!

When is the best time to plan your 1 week Vietnam itinerary in Central Vietnam

Central Vietnam is located in a tropical monsoon climate zone, which means that it experiences distinct wet and dry seasons. The wet season runs from September to January, with the peak of rainfall occurring from October to November. The dry season, on the other hand, runs from February to August, and it is generally considered the best time to visit Central Vietnam. The dry season in Central Vietnam is characterized by warm and sunny weather, with temperatures ranging from 25°C to 35°C. This makes it ideal for exploring the region’s beaches, historical sites, and natural attractions. 
Picture: Central Vietnam Weather Overview
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 The best time to plan your Vietnam travel itinerary 1 week in Central Vietnam is during the dry season, between March and August. However, this is also the busiest time of year for tourism, so be prepared for crowds and higher prices. If you’re looking for a quieter experience, consider visiting in the shoulder months of March and August, when the weather is still good, but there are fewer tourists around. If you’re looking for a way to experience the best of this beautiful region of Vietnam, then you’ve come to the right place. Below is Viland Travel’s most ideally 1 week Vietnam itinerary for your complete adventure to the region that holds some of the most beautiful landscape and thousands of years of history in Vietnam.

Day 1: Danang – Hoi An

Hoi An An Bang Beach
Hoi An An Bang Beach
After arriving at Da Nang International Airport, take a drive to Hoi An – which is a 40-minute drive from the airport. Hoi An is a charming World Heritage village that offers something for everyone, from shopping and restaurants to history and architecture. The town is also renowned for its tailoring, with a vast selection of fabrics available. Whether you enjoy golf, fishing, swimming, scuba diving, or simply relaxing, Hoi An has something for everyone. Enjoy your overnight stay in this captivating town.

Day 2: Hoi An

Picture: Hoi An lanterns
Hoi An is a charming coastal town that offers a serene escape from the busy pace of Ho Chi Minh City. Take a slow-paced city tour to explore UNESCO landmarks and immerse yourself in Hoi An’s rich history. Visit a private house where a family has lived for centuries, and stop by the Sa Huynh Museum to learn about the town’s earliest period. You’ll also see the famous Japanese Covered Bridge Pagoda, built by the Japanese community in the 16th century. In the afternoon, learn to make a colorful lantern with a local craftsman. Enjoy lunch at a local restaurant and spend the rest of the day relaxing at the hotel’s pool and beach. With inexpensive and enjoyable massage packages available, it’s the perfect way to unwind and recharge. 

Day 3: Hoi An – My Son Sanctuary

My Son Sanctuary
My Son Sanctuary
Head to My Son after breakfast, a 50-kilometer drive from Hoi An, to see the temple ruins built between the 4th and 14th centuries by the Champa kings. These structures were influenced by Hinduism and were used for worshiping Shiva and Vishnu. During the war, the Viet Cong took over the place, leading to US bombings and leaving only 20 of the 70 structures standing. The tour takes around 1.5 hours. You will have lunch and dinner on your own. The afternoon is yours to spend as you wish, whether by the resort pool, the beach, or taking part in optional activities such as cycling, fishing, or photography tours.

Day 4: Hue

Hue’s street food
After breakfast, take a drive on a 4-hour journey to the Royal City of Hue. Along the way, you can stop to visit Marble Mountain, Non-Nuoc Stone Carving Village, and My Khe Beach, where American GIs stayed during the war. The Hai Van Pass, the highest and most scenic pass in Vietnam, will be crossed, providing stunning views and photo opportunities. Arriving in Hue after midday, you can have lunch in a local restaurant before embarking on a Hue back-of-the-bike tour. The tour includes visiting a king’s tomb, a pagoda, local handicrafts, and exploring Hue’s Citadel and the Forbidden Purple City while learning about Vietnam’s emperors and their fascinating histories. The day is filled with action-packed scenery, history, culture, and cuisine. You may also opt to join this tour by private air-conditioned vehicle. You can spend the night in this historic town.

Day 5: Hue – Bach Ma National Park

For nature enthusiasts and eco-tourism lovers, Bach Ma National Park is a must-visit destination. Located in the Truong Son mountain range, the park spans over 22,031 hectares and boasts over 330 bird species and 55 mammal species. The park’s protected location and Annamist influence create a unique climate and biological diversity that represents both North and South Vietnam. With stunning biodiversity and lush resources, it’s a prime location for eco-tourism. This two-day itinerary begins with breakfast in Hue before departing for the park. A birder guide greets visitors and outlines the next two days. After a stop to view Brown Fish-owls, you embark on a 2.5km trek to the junction of two rivers where Blyth’s Kingfishers are known to pass. Following lunch and check-in at the Do Quyen guesthouse, visitors can explore the Five Lake Trail, take a swim, and spot the Slaty-backed Forktail bird. Dinner and overnight accommodations are provided in the Bach Ma National Park.

Day 6: Bach Ma National Park – Hoi An 

For birders, an early morning schedule is recommended. After a 5:30 am breakfast at the restaurant, our day will begin at 6:30 am with the Summit and Natural Exploration trails. Don’t forget to bring long trousers, walking boots, torches, water, and insect repellent.The Summit offers a panoramic view of the ocean, and evergreen monsoon forest. The trail will loop back through the orchid garden along the Natural Exploration Trail. Keep an eye out for the Short-tailed Scimitar-babbler, Red-collared Woodpecker, Silver Pheasant, Rufous-throated Partridge, and Blue-rumped Pitta. In the afternoon, we will return to Hoi An from Bach Ma National Park and spend the night here.

Day 7: Hoi An – Danang

Drive back to Danang. You can enjoy some leisure time on My Khe Beach in Danang. The beach is a popular spot among both tourists and locals due to its clear blue waters and soft sandy shoreline. Visitors can partake in a variety of activities such as surfing, jet skiing, and parasailing.Following a relaxing morning and breakfast, you can have some private time to enjoy the city and your seven-day exploration of the breathtaking beauty of Central Vietnam comes to a close. You’ll need to check out by noon, and your private driver will transport you to Da Nang International Airport for your return flight home.

Final thoughts

From the charming ancient town of Hoi An to the awe-inspiring My Son Sanctuary, the imperial city of Hue, and the lush Bach Ma National Park, each destination offers a unique perspective on the region’s culture, natural beauty, and history.Don’t want to miss any of these amazing experiences? The “Stunning Vietnam Centre Beauty in 7 incredible days” tour is exactly what you’re looking for in a perfect vietnam travel itinerary 1 week. This unforgettable experience will take you on a journey through some of the most beautiful and historically rich destinations in Central Vietnam. Throughout the tour, you’ll be accompanied by knowledgeable guides who will provide fascinating insights into each location’s history and cultural significance. You’ll also have the opportunity to sample the delicious local cuisine and immerse yourself in the local way of life.Whether you’re a nature lover, history buff, or simply seeking a relaxing getaway, this tour has something to offer everyone. The 1 week vietnam itinerary strikes the perfect balance between activity and leisure time, allowing you to explore each destination at your own pace.Contact us now for booking, and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime!