All to know about Mi Quang Noodles – Must-try dish from the Central

Mi Quang noodles are celebrated for their delightful taste and harmonious blend of ingredients, making them universally appealing. Originating in Quang Nam province, they were initially dubbed “Mi Quang Nam” to honor their birthplace, later shortened to “Mi Quang.” Today, these flavorsome noodles can be savored across Vietnam and around the world, each region offering […]

Hoi An Chicken Rice Full Guide – A Must-Try Vietnam Dish

Hoi An stands out as a beloved destination in Vietnam, renowned for its enchanting allure and distinctive cuisine. Among the array of enticing dishes awaiting visitors, Hoi An chicken rice (Com ga Hoi An in Vietnamese) emerges as a must-try delicacy, drawing tourists with its irresistible flavors and cultural significance.  When strolling through Hoi An, […]

10 Most Famous Vietnamese Food to Try on Your Trip to Vietnam

Vietnamese cuisine is a delightful fusion of authentic flavors and influences from neighboring countries, resulting in a diverse culinary landscape. Bursting with an abundance of fresh ingredients, fragrant herbs, and innovative cooking techniques, Vietnamese food offers a culinary journey unlike any other, boasting an array of unique and unforgettable dishes. In this article, we’ve curated […]

Vietnamese Iced Coffee – Everything to know about Vietnam most famous drink

Indulging in the distinct richness of Vietnamese iced coffee is an experience not to be missed. This iconic beverage is a staple among Vietnamese refreshments, also known as one of the many attractions of Vietnam, revered for its invigorating qualities and delightful taste. Particularly popular in Vietnam’s tropical climate, it serves as a refreshing respite […]

Best Vietnamese Dessert – The sweet side of Vietnam

When considering Vietnamese cuisine, iconic dishes like phở, spring rolls, and bánh mì often steal the spotlight. Yet, the world of Vietnamese desserts remains largely unexplored, with its intricacies and distinctiveness often overlooked. To shed light on this lesser-known aspect of Vietnamese gastronomy, Viland Travel invites you on a flavorful expedition through our list of  […]