Wat Wisunarat Temple is more commonly known as Wat Visoun and is one of the oldest temples of Luang Prabang and has been recognised by UNESCO and is on the list of World Cultural Heritage places. It was originally built in 1513 then restored and rebuilt between 1889 and 1896. You will find it on the road that bears its name in the city centre. The temple contains a green herbal garden, amongst other things, but in front of the large grounds there is a tower named Tha Pathum which is 35mts high! The tower was erected between1503 and 1505 at the bequest of King Wisunarat’s wife.

It has been built with simple architecture, but its metallic roofs have much decoration. With its original wooden windows, the main temple is made of bricks and a ticket must be obtained before entering the site. Tucked behind the temple is the housing for the (mostly young) monks who live and study in (Wat Wisunarat) Wat Visoun, and because they are young and natural, they love to broaden their horizons and talk about their daily life: we can assist with that uf you like.