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Travelling to Pu Luong on the tours of Vietnam is perfect for the nature lovers wishing to escape the bustle of city life and see imposing mountain ranges, intact rivers and waterfalls, poetic villages, and immense valleys of beautiful terraced rice fields. Plus, a tour of a less-visited place like Pu Luong makes it possible to get off-the-beaten-path and appreciate the remote life and taste the local cuisine.

The Pu Luong region gives the perfect opportunity to get to know authentic Vietnam with its remote region and friendly and kind-hearted local ethnic-minority Muong and Thai that have their own interesting cultures and lifestyles.

Pu Luong and its nature reserve is slowly gaining favour in the region and starting to see more tourist attention over the otherwise most famous destinations in the north, such as Cao Bang, Ha Giang, Mai Chau, and Sapa.

How to get to Pu Luong Nature Reserve?

Pu Luong park is about 180km far from Hanoi capital and take you 4 hours to get there.It is a new travel destination so that it is not popular for toursists with shuttle buses in joined group tour to this nature reserve.To discover this interesting attraction, an easy way is booking a customized tour or pre-designed tour to Pu Luong garden offered by some typical travel agents with an included package of accomodation, guide, trekking routes, car transfer & meals.However, you may like to do it yourselves, you can do a motobike trip or just get a private car rental with driver or tourguide along to any corner of this nature reserve.

Best time to visit

Pu Luong – the name of a national nature reserve located on the territory of two districts of Quan Hoa and Ba Thuoc, Thanh Hoa province. Those who like “wandering” should come to Pu Luong to enjoy a taste of the wild jungle, to visit the place where has not been exploited for tourism, to enjoy the terraced fields interspersed in the area of primary forest.

You should visit Pu Luong in the two most beautiful periods of the year: May- June or September – October. The time of May- June is the start of a new crop of rice, you can see green rice fields interwoven with yellow ripe rice fields, enjoy the cool air in the summer or the light mist in the early morning. September- October is the best time of ripening rice, the peaceful mountain suddenly becomes brilliant, rich, nature and seems to be covered with a attractive yellow color.

In order to reach Pu Luong, you should travel by motorbike, as the roads to the village are narrow and very protruding, just enough for two motorcycles to transport, and cars can not move. Therefore, Pu Luong is known as a tourist destination with many challenges for backpackers.

Things to do in Pu Luong

Once you arrive in Pu Luong, there are plenty of not-to-be-missed experiences, including:
Trekking in Pu Luong is certain to appeal to tourists looking to relax among nature and explore the mysterious beauty in this evergreen region of Vietnam. Walk along the mountain ranges, cross the streams and see the immense fields that create the pristine landscape that is perfect for capturing the photographic memories. Plus, there are plenty of scenic routes to following on the trekking expedition. The thrill-seekers can try the multi-day trek on the least-visited trails and pass several villages, a challenging hike that climbs to the Pu Luong summit, or the more leisurely hike with a trail distance of about 5 km that passes nearby hamlets.

A really enjoyable and authentic way to explore the different regions of Pu Luong is by hiring a bicycle for the day. The energetic cyclists can travel the remote tracks and steep valleys that follow a very scenic route. Similar to the hiking routes, there are also several for cycling with a difficulty range from moderate to advanced.


Pu Luong’s river is a great place for the kayaking enthusiasts, especially when the rainy season arrives. A trip along the river gives the stunning scenery with the green farmland, eye-catching water wheels, simple stilted houses, and all-round beautiful riverscape.

In addition to kayaking, there is also the option to go rafting on the simple bamboo rafts. The Cham River is extremely peaceful and makes it possible to appreciate the local farming life. Plus, it may even be possible to get full hands-on experience and copy what the local fishermen do.

For the travellers that simply want to relax, Pu Luong can be your stress-free retreat. The local harmonious and pure atmosphere is perfect to simply lay back and relax. Whether it is walking in harmony with nature, sunbathing, swimming, or gardening, there are plenty of things to do to feel relaxed and comfortable on the package holidays to Vietnam.

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