• Tour code: VIG15
  • Duration: 1 Day
Hidden in a relaxing town, Dalat has another side to it - a jungle fiercely challenging, this world can be your playground. With the safest equipment in the industry you’ll be repelling/abseiling down sheer cliffs... some dry, some wet, and some right in the middle of a waterfall, up to 25 meters in height, hang-on or let-go. This adventure packed day also combines cliff jumping from 7 and 11 meters, as well as a few trips down a natural waterslide headfirst. This tour is adrenaline packed.


  • Duration: From 4 – 5 hours
  • Activites: Hiking, swimming, rappelling, free jump from high cliffs, natural water slide... 




    Depart from your hotel in Dalat, we take you along picturesque roads to the South of the city, heading to the Datanla waterfall. Stop at the gathering point and here you will learn the basics of knot tying, harness assembly, saftey and abseiling techniques to begin conquering the 10kms of adventure activities hiden deeply in this wild jungle playground.

    Station 1 - Dry cliff at 18m

    This is the first activity now that we have mastered all the skills in our practise area, so we will have a successful and safe day of abseiling. This first wall will be a dry cliff so we can get our confidence before we up the ante and do it wet. This cliff 18 meters straight down will be your first test.

    Station 2 – Water sliding

    Over time, the stones have been eroded and smoothed by the rushing water currents, creating an ideal venue for us to water slide down the giant slalom-like rocks into rapid water. Legs crossed and hands gripping the shoulderpads of your life jacket we will send you slip-sliding down the giant rocks on your back as you reach the cool, crisp, natural pools at the bottom as you resurface, refreshed and ready to go again.

    Station 3 -  “Sky” Falls

    Water crashes down on you, while you repel down the rocks your metal strength is challenged. All you need now is a strong heart, and a cool head to face and conquer the human weakness in you.

    Station 4 – Being Batman

    This is a real challenge for you to take free jumps from 7m and 11m cliffs into a deep lake. Do not hesitate, be strong, nothing can stop your steps. Overcome your fear of heights as you plumet down into the water and come up a new person, full of energy and smiles.

    Station 5 – “Washing Machine

    You will walk down until your back touches the free falling waterfall, take a deep breath to increase hot blood up to your brain, straight the legs, wide eyes and relax your body. It will spin you around, and pull you down into the water. This is our most exhilarating rapel to finish off the experience. Hike back up to the highway and meet our vehicle for transport back to town.




What's Included


  • Pick up & drop off at hotel
  • Lunch
  • Professionally trained guides, all necessary forest and tourist permits, first aid kit, fruit snack, extra tour guides on hand to take your photo with your own phone, purified drinking water, transport, the highest quality canyoning Equipment.


  • Drinks
  • Personal expenses
  • Tipping/ Gratuities (optional)


Children Policies

  • Children from 8yrs will be charge 100% as adults
  • Children under 8yrs. Please contact us via info@vilandtravel.com for details.


  • Pick up from 9am
  • Tour ends 4:00PM
  • Highlights: 3 Abseil/rappels, natural water slide, cliff jump, lunch, abseiling tutorial provided
  • What to bring: swimwear and t-shirt/shorts overtop, shoes that will get wet (you need shoes, not sandals or flip-flops!), phone or camera if you will entrust it to our guides. You will be in a life-jacket, helmet, and harness (your pockets must be empty or your harness will be unconfortable, and contents will break), while using both hands on the rope, so please do not bring any belongings or they will sit in the transfer van all day.